Ages of Despair New Player Help Guide

This document was written to provide detailed help for new players to help get you started on AoD MUD.  The newbie help is divided into five sections as shown below.  It takes things to the complete basics and people who have played a MUD before may find the instructions rather simplistic. We know that reading through help files can be tedious, but if you take the time to read through these pages you will have a very good understanding of AoD and how things work in our world.  It is suggested that you go through and read each section as numbered below.
  1. Introduction to Muds and Ages of Despair
  2. How to connect to Ages of Despair MUD
  3. Creating your character
  4. Getting started
  5. Advancing your character
  6. Helpful hints, tips and other cool stuff
  7. Pictures of our world, logging in, combat and more