Ages of Despair Wizard Application

If you are seriously interested about becoming a wizard on Ages of Despair fill out the below form. Only those take the time to fully complete this form will be considered. If approved you will be contacted by a member of the Administration.

Wizard Application
Full Legal Name:
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Note: Address must be verifiable. Use the address linked to your IP. Addresses provided by free services such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. will not be accepted. We must be able to verify who you are.
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How did you hear about AoD?
Requested Wizard Name:

Note: Name must be within game theme (Medieval Fantasy)
If you are a player on Ages of Despair, please list all mortal characters, past and present:
Do any of your characters, past or present, have a Law record on AoD?
Yes.  No.
If so, what was the nature of the crime?
What other MUDS have you played on?:

Have you ever applied for a staff position on AoD before?
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If your application was approved, what was the name of your Wizard character?
If so, why was your Wizard character removed?
Do you currently have a Wizard character on another MUD?
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If so, are you actively coding on another MUD?
Yes.  No.
If not, have you, at one time, had a Wizard character on another MUD?
Yes.  No.
Please list each MUD you are currently coding on, the address of the MUD, the name of your Wizard character, and the name of at least one active Administrator on the MUD.
Please list each MUD where you have previously had a Wizard character, the address of the MUD, the name of your Wizard character, the name of at least one active Administrator, and reason for leaving.
Provide a brief synopsis of your views on game balance.
What are your views on wizard/player interaction? Please include your views on what should and should not be divulged to the playerbase, and how much influence players should have on game policy.
What do you think makes a strong/effective wizard staff?
Please provide us with a brief example of your creative writing ability.
Do you have any previous coding experience, MUD or otherwise?
< 1 year
1-3 years
3-5 years
5-10 years
10+ years
How would you describe your coding abilities?
I am highly experienced and a truly excellent coder.
I feel that my coding abilities are above average.
I think I'm an average coder.
I've played around with code enough to teach myself.
I have no idea how to code, but am filled common sense and want to learn.
I have no idea how to code, and would need someone to teach me step by step.
In what MUD code bases have you coded?

Check all that apply

What's a code base?


In what other code bases or languages do you have experience in?
Are you familiar with the UNIX environment?
Yes.  No.
If you are familiar with LPC editor, list a few commands and what they do.
Please provide an example of a room object coded in LPC.
How many hours per week are you able to dedicate to coding your first project?
More Than 15 I'm A Junkie =)
Describe an area idea that you would like to code if you are granted a Wizard character.
Please write a short essay describing your strengths and weaknesses in relation to your ability to be a productive member of the Wizard staff. Include any past accomplishments as a coder, and why you would be an asset to our staff.

Please read this agreement:

  1. Understand that if your application is approved, you will be e-mailed and requested to stop by the MUD to speak with the Head of the Education Department for an interview. If your application is approved, you will be made an immortal Apprentice on Ages of Despair. In return, you are expected to spend a reasonable amount of time working on your Apprentice project. If your coding knowledge is limited, you are expected to put forth an effort to learn.
  2. If you are promoted to Apprentice level, you will need to plan an area that fits within the theme of the MUD. The area should have a good storyline and be well detailed. You will need to write an document and have your area idea approved before you begin to code it. All areas on the MUD must be your own original ideas (No areas based on books, movies, etc. will be approved.) The coded area you create must be detailed and of high quality.
  3. The administration reserves the right to demote you or remove your wizard character at their discretion. Your wizard character will be removed if you become inactive for more than one month, do not meet the deadlines set by Education Department policy, or show that you are not making progress on your area (project) until such time that your area is approved and added to the game and you are promoted to Creator status. Your wizard character will be removed immediately, without notice, for breach of any Laws governing wizards, or if any information provided in this application is found to be false, inaccurate, or purposefully misleading.
  4. Wizard status and access to Ages of Despair during your work is the sole payment for all services provided by you. You are not entitled to the payment of royalties or any other compensation.
  5. You understand that all ideas and information on Ages of Despair are trade secrets and copywritten material owned exclusively by Ages of Despair and its Administrators. No information stored on Ages of Despair or any data obtained through access granted to you as a Wizard is to be discussed with mortal players or revealed to any third party without written permission from the administration. Failure to abide will result in immediate removal of your wizard character and possible legal action.

I Agree to the Terms and Agreements stated here

Click 'Submit' If you agree, and would like to become a wizard or 'Reset'
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