About Donations

Donations to this account is accepted and appreciated, but there are a few things you need to understand before donating any money. If you
want to your character or alternatively your RL name will be recognised on our website and by the command 'help contributors', you can of course choose to remain completely anonymous too if you so wish. You will not gain any advantages within AoD for contributing and you will not be any more immune to in-game law and punishments then any other player. Possibly some presents not affecting gameplay will be distributed, but that is as of yet undecided. You will neither get any ownership or influence rights over AoD or the server it is running on. What you DO get, is the great feeling of contributing and to see our beloved mud with a good and hopefully long term stable host.

Finally, Ages of Despair is and forever will be a free to play mud. Aside from us saying so it wouldn't be possible to charge anything for
playing the mud with the licences our codebase is under.

- Regards, the AoD Administration

Making a Donation

Donations are made via PayPal through an account owned by AoD Administrative Staff. You may click on the following button to be forwarded to a form where you can make a donation to the Ages of Despair. Any size donation helps make AoD a better place. Thanks.


Since 3-19-2003 Ages of Despair has been accepting donations in order to pay for maintaince and upkeep costs of our mud and server. Everyone who has contributed and didn't request to be anonymous are listed here.

Top Donators:
Mephitic $100
Blaze $50
Ulme & Faye $75
Fille $25
Ged $25
Joker/Chrono $10
Owen Buckvar $5

Top Donations by Guild:
Psionicist $120
Thief $35
Paladin $5

Top Donations by Mortality:
Immortals $225
Mortals $160

Anonymous Donation Total: $100