Ages of Despair Screenshots

Displayed here are various screen shots of new character creation and different places and actions within Ages of Despair. Click on an image to have it open up in another window.

A simple shot of one of the many ascii login welcome screens where current players enter their user information so they can enter our world. AoD Login Screen
Loriah Courtyard When you first arrive in to Ages of Despair, you will find yourself at the main login courtyard at the gateway to Loriah. This is a popular gathering point for adventurers from all around the land.
East of the login courtyard stands a tall building, known as the LNPA (Loriah new players association) Kristelle is one of our many interactive NPCs (non player characters). She responds to questions and loves to assist new adventurers. Kristelle at the LNPA
Warrior Hall The hall of Warriors, one of the four class halls that can be found inside the city of Loriah. Here you will find all guilds related to the Warrior class. Similar class halls exist for Mage, Priest and Thief.
Ghorim is the keeper of one of the busiest shops in the realm. Here adventurers can buy and sell equipment and other goods. most of the items sold here are for intermediate and advanced adventurers. Ghorim's Shop
Leaving the gates of Loriah As you venture out of the main city, you will see that the world has a user-centered mini-map system that will help show you your surroundings as you venture out into the world.
Far outside the eastern gates of Loriah lies the seaside town of Caerwyvrn. A ferry can be found here that will take you to Avalon and other places across the sea. Near the town of Caerwyvrn
Who Screen One of the things that makes mudding most enjoyable is being able to interact with other people in a fantasy environment. Typing 'who' will display a list of current adventurers that are logged on.

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