There are a number of classes in the land of Loriah for you to play. Within each class, you will have a number of guilds to choose from, each offering a distinctive set of skills, spells and or prayers. Dual or multi-classing is also possible by going to another class hall and choosing to learn the way of that class type. The costs of joining a second class within the restrictions depends on your level but is quite costly.

Advancing levels is more costly for dual and multi-classed characters, so therefore it is suggested to go single classed until you reach a higher level when you can then afford to split spending your experience between one through three additional classes. You can max any guild and as many guilds in your current class or classes. When you want to advance your guild level in a guild, you need a 'free' level in the class it is grouped under. You can also choose to combine guild levels as you wish with your class levels.

Example: Veteran the Human is a Rogue lvl 20/Priest lvl 30. He decides to join the rogue guild Thief and the priest guilds Cleric and Druid. He can now advance his Thief level to 20 and his Cleric/Druid level to a total of 30 (for instance Cleric lvl 20, Druid level 10).

You may click on a class name to view more detailed information about that particular class and the guilds associated with it.