Ages of Despair offers a variety of different features. Some are very standard for LP MUD types, but most are special and are part of what make AoD so unique.

Newbie Friendly
The game is friendly to the new or inexperienced player, with over 100 help files online available.  Plus our new player walk-though guide here on the Web.  It is easy to learn the basics of the game.  Many of AoD's players are nice and helpful to new players too and will be happy to provide you with assistance to get started.

Quick Character Creation
You can easily create a character to play on Ages of Despair.   Just telnet://mud.agesofdespair.net 5000 logon and answer a few simple mandatory questions and you're on.  It's quick and hassle free. 

No Approval Necessary
If you are able to connect to Ages of Despair, you can create a character.  You don't have to apply for one and wait around for an email saying if you were approved or rejected.

Free To Play
There is no charge to play Ages of Despair.  All of our wizards and admin code here on a volunteer basis to provide you with a high quality gaming experience at no cost to you.

Diverse Playing Styles
You can pick a playing style that suits you; you can solve  quests, search for exploration points, party with others, chat or indulge in mindless hack n' slash style killing.

Optional Player Killing
We understand that player killing can be an adventure all by itself, however it's not for everyone.  AoD allowed players to join and become a branded 'pkiller' if they wish to indulge in that type of lifestyle.

Single, Dual or Multi-Classed Characters
Characters in AoD can be either single-class, double-class or multi-class (three classes).  A single-class will only be able to choose one kind of guild (e.g. the fighter subguilds).  A double-class and a multi-class character will be able to pick from two kinds of guilds and three kinds of guilds respectively. 

Character Descriptions
Inside the game, you can customize the way your character is presented to others.  In addition, If you have a picture of either yourself irl or your character you may email it in and have it displayed on your finger information here on the www.

Express Yourself
AoD has over 744 social feelings built into the player soul for your use. Players can use the 'newsoul' command while online to submit new emote suggestions, so the total amount of emotes is always increasing.

High Level Game Play
Mortal levels go up to 150!  With a large variety of abilities that you can train, character development is a detailed process so you wont get bored.

Tons of Skills and Spells
How well a player does in combat is largely based on their skills, spells, and or prayers (what you have depends on your guild).  Each guild offers a large selection of unique skills and spells for you to choose from, how you train your skills and or study your spells will determine the direction your character goes. You choose what you want to be good at, depending on how you like to play.

Built In Customizable Aliasing
The 'alias' command allows you to substitute an alias for a command. There is also the 'do' command that allows you to do multiple commands at one time, separated by a "," between each command set.  Last but not least, the 'nickname' command allows you to use shortened words to refer to people, objects, etc., rather than typing long drawn out names. Talking to players with long names is no longer an annoyance!

Interactive And Intelligent Monsters
Many of the NPCs (Non-player characters) and monsters that you will come in contact with in AoD respond to keywords and are highly interactive.  Our smartmonsters are also known do follow and chase attackers, loot corpses, pick up things left on the ground, wear and wield found items and much more.  This offers a challenge to players and also adds to the realism and theme of our world.

An Active Administration
The Ages of Despair administration is mature, experienced, and diligent.  AoD is unlikely to suddenly disappear due to lack of admin.  Our staff is mature yet easy going, you wont find tons of attitude among our immortals as you may have experienced on some other MUDS.

Stable And Reliable
Ages of Despair has been online since March 1998.  We are reliable; MUD isn't going to just suddenly disappear.  We have put over two years of hard work into developing AoD so it is highly unlikely that it will disappear suddenly.

Configurable ANSI Color

AoD offers a full range of vivid ANSI colors.  ANSI color on AoD is implemented as an option, so the player can decide if he/she wants it.  Colors are per default off; this is good for the many terminals that cannot handle colors.

Unparalleled Ranked Combat System
The combat in AoD differs quite a bit compared to other muds when it comes to partying (a group of players formed together to kill in a more cooperative way).  The party will be divided in three different ranks, [front] [mid] and [back].  Characters in the front range are the only characters involved in melee combat, characters in the mid range can use mid- to long-range spells and skills (like archery) as well as heal their party members.  Characters in the back-range can only use long-range spells/skills to harm their foes, which makes this an excellent range for e.g. archers with longbows or crossbows.  The benefits with being located further back in the parties is that the monsters will either need a long-range spell to hurt you, or an area spell that hits the entire party.  Area-spell damage is reduced heavily the further back in the party you are.

Customizable HP Combat Bar
You may use the 'hp' command to show your current hit points and concentration points in percent of your maximum while in combat.  Giving the argument "on" will make your hp bar appear every time you receive damage, and the argument "off" turns the automatic hp bar off.  By giving the argument "party" you will report your hit points to your party (if you are a member of one) instead.  The argument "opponent" will toggle your ability to see your opponent's health in your hp bar, in combat.  This feature, for obvious reasons is very helpful in combat.

Easy To Read Mini Map
The world of AoD is very large but with our easy to read mini-map you will always be able to find your way.

Built In Quests
A variety of quests are available for those players who enjoy using their brain as well as their brawn.  To quest on AoD is optional and is only required if you wish to play up to Wizard level.  Quests are built into the game, not run by Immortals. 

Equipment Saving
On AoD it is possible for players to save their items after they log off the MUD and through game reboots.  However, in order to do this you must have a place where you can store them. On Ages of Despair players can purchase a house, but they will also need to buy a chest if they wish to store their items. Lockers are also available for rent if a player cannot afford a house and chest yet. Being able to save your equipment is a special luxury that many of our mid-high level players enjoy.

Special Equipment
Equipment is a large part of your character's power in AoD.  Equipment will be savable in locker type chests or you can store your equipment in your house.  Weapon enhancements like enchants and other kinds of good/bad stuff will not be removed from the weapon as you put it in your chests.  This is just to make sure you will either benefit (or suffer) as much as you really should when something happens with your weapon.

So how do pieces of equipment improve your character?  Well, let's say you found a 'Ring of Sorcery' e.g. and you take it to the city's local mage to get it identified.  The mage might tell you that this ring will improve your Intelligence and speed up the time it takes to regain your focus or concentration.  You put it on to try it, and notice that your Intelligence raises from 22 to 25 and you no longer regenerate 2 concentration points (cp) per 4 rounds, you now regenerate 2 cp per 3 rounds!  A great enhancement indeed.  This is why equipment is so important in AoD. 

A Large Unique World
Our main world consists of approximately 3000 rooms plus the many areas and domains that our immortal staff has created. We try to maintain a high standard of quality, all areas must be created from a unique idea, of original design, and contain detailed in depth description. AoD takes place on a very large island named Loriah. towards the center of the main island you will find the main city of Loriah which is over 200 rooms in size. When you leave the main city you will find that the rest of the world is vast, and it can be easy for new players to get lost. It is due to this that we have created a mini-map that appears on the left side of the room long as you travel through the main outer world. As you explore the world you will find many other hidden areas, and even many other cities and a ferry that will take you to other smaller islands that lies off of the cost of Loriah. We have spent over two years creating AoD, and feel that it is truly above the standard of some other muds hold. We hope that when you come visit us that you will put forth an effort into really checking things out so that you can feel the full effect of our ever-changing world. 

Highly Modified TMI-2 Code Base
Since AoD came online back in March 1998 we have made major modifications to the original TMI-2 mudlib.  Our skilled mudlib coders are constantly making changes and adjustments to ensure a high quality gaming environment.  This is in part why AoD is able to offer it's players so many unique new features.  And our world is still growing!