The Story of Loriah

In the ages of wars fierce battles stormed across the continents, and most life was decimated. The few who managed to survive realized they had to flee their homes and colonize unknown islands to be able to stay alive. They sailed away in panic, never to be seen again.

Years later as the war ended, living humanoids were practically non-existent on the continent, except in the newly founded colony on the island of Loriah. There, a group of people lived safely in peace. They had managed to build a small town which they named after the island, Loriah, and decades passed by as the town grew into a large city.

Unaware of the dangers lurking not far from the coast, the peaceful inhabitants of the island thrived. Their small town had grown into a population of varied races. They never thought they would have to experience war again, until reports from the coastal scout towers told of hundreds of large ships approaching the coast. A few hours later, the invasion was a fact.

Five of the six cities on the island were occupied by the demonic hordes controlled by the seven Barons of Death. Right now the Mayor of Loriah is desperately seeking help from the citizens to fight back the demon hordes and force them to retreat from the island.

The Ages of Despair had begun...