Ages of Despair Character Registration

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You might find that if you are connecting through a particular ISP that it is required for you to submit a character registration request in order to create a new character. The reason for this is because at one time a person from your same ISP logged on to AoD and caused serious problems for others that required the administration to take serious action to keep them from returning. While we can sympathise that it is an inconvenience to register, please understand that it necessary so that we can maintain an enjoyable gaming environment for everyone. Please submit all of the requested information below, failure to do so will result in your registration being discarded. The information you submit is kept by the administration, so we know who we are giving access to. Your information is kept confidential and will never be given out to any third parties, nor will you receive any mailings (aka spam).

Your chosen character name, should be nothing offensive, between 3-11 characters, no spaces, all lowercase, and preferably be fantasy based. Please be truthful when you fill out and submit your character request, if you lie or submit any false information, your character may be removed from the game.

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