Newbie Tips

Some guilds offer an easier early game to newbies. Some purely subjective recommendations follow:


  • Psionicist is faster to start than necromancer. Neither is really ideal; as usual in RPGs, mages are for patient or knowledgeable players.

Cleric is faster to start than druid, which is faster than healer. However, healers are more likely to be able to find mentors and patrons who will help them through the early game.


Assassin is faster to start than thief.


Death knight is faster to start than barbarian or paladin. This may change as both of the latter guilds were being reworked as this tip was written.

Free Training Points
Try to spend your 50 free starting trains all in one place. The cost to gain each additional skill point is higher than the last, so you'll get the most
benefit from taking all your free trains in the same skill. You'll have enough exp left over even after gaining level 5 to get a few points of some
other skills.

Melee combat skill affects both your own chance to hit and your opponent's chance to hit you. Weapon skills (1h sword, dagger, 2h staff, and the like) affect how much damage you do on a successful hit with a weapon of that type, and you need at least one point to even wield such a weapon. Two-handed weapons can be wielded in only one hand by especially strong characters. Generally, the larger the weapon the more damage it can deal, but the best magical weapons in the game may not be the largest...

Not all skills are affected equally by your training. Some things get more powerful, some fail less often, and others actually get faster as they are
trained. There are even skills that improve in all three ways.

It's a good idea to poke around the city of Loriah early on, but you shouldn't pick fights with the inhabitants. Most of them are very strong
indeed after weathering dozens of invasions, not to mention all the crazy adventurers.

Staying Alive
Learn to use the 'consider' command. It's not perfect at assessing the difficulty of a fight, however, so try to have an escape route in mind when
trying something that might be too tough. Running away doesn't cost you experience, but death does. Remember that you can set up an automatic retreat when you get low on hit points with the 'wimpy' and 'wimpydir' commands. The internet's not perfect, so if there's a glitch in a router wimpy can still save you.

Proper use of the 'flag' command can save you from misunderstandings. It'll take you a while to kill your first few opponents, so be sure you get credit for them.

There are lots of public message boards for you to read, but the adventurer announcement board and the law discussion board are especially important. The first is 4 north, 4 west of login, and the second is up from there.

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(Newbie Tips courtesy of Yiuwan)