How to connect to Ages of Despair

This section will answer the following questions and also provide you detailed information on how to establish a connection to AoD.

How do I connect to Ages of Despair MUD?

This will depend on the software you are using. If you are using UNIX all you normally need do is type telnet 5000 at the command line.

If connecting via a Web browser, all you'll normally need to type is telnet:// in the address window. This will bring up whatever your default telnet client is. In most cases this will usually be windows telnet, which is rather inadequate for mudding purposes.

If you are using a telnet or MUD client you will usually need to enter some details to set it up for the first connection to Ages of Despair and it will subsequently remember these details for re-use. In most cases, all you will need to know is the host address is and the port number is 5000. If you need to know our numeric address it is

Our primary address is: : 5000
Our ip address is:
Alternative port numbers: 5000

What is a MUD Client?

A MUD Client is a software program that helps you to connect to a MUD and enhances your playing experience. Telnet is one such client program. Many clients written for MUDs have special added bonus features (bells and whistles) such as aliases, triggers, timers, keypad-navigation, speed-walking, auto-say, scripting, ANSI color-support, user-defined font and size, user-defined macros, logging, copy-and-paste, and printing. These features are not really 'needed' to mud, but can make your MUD life easier and more enjoyable.

Where do I get a MUD Clients?

We have a list of various mud clients here on AoD for your convenience. You can also look on or and search for mud clients.

What MUD Clients do you suggest?

If you are running a Windows 95/98 operating system and want a high quality client and you do not need tons of fantasy additional features you might enjoy CRT. If you are running a Windows 95/98 operating system and want a client that has tons of bells and whistles you might want to try Zmud, Portal or Mushclient.

Click here to visit AoD's mud client page for more information and client links.

If you have any problem connecting to AoD, please feel free to contact us!

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