Introduction to Muds and Ages of Despair

This document was written to provide detailed help for new players to help get you started on AoD MUD.  The newbie help is divided into five sections as shown below.  It takes things to the complete basics and people who have played a MUD before may find the instructions rather simplistic.  We know that reading through help files can be tedious, but if you take the time to read through these pages you will have a very good understanding of AoD and how things work in our world.  It is suggested that you go through and read each section as numbered below.
  1. What is a Mud?
  2. What is Ages of Despair?
  3. Rules of Ages of Despair

What is a MUD?

A MUD is defined as a multi-user domain, multi-user dungeon, or multi-user dimension, all of which are referring to the same thing, an environment where multiple people may be logged on and/or interacting. Although a common misconception is that a MUD is a game, in truth most of the MUDs out there are games. MUDs can be (and are) used for numerous other purposes including education, research and general socialization.

What is Ages of Despair?

Ages of Despair is a TMI 2 based mudlib on MudOS v22.2b7. It is written in the C based programming language called LPC. Ages of Despair is hosted at the Högskolan Dalarna (University of Borlänge) in Sweden and is currently running off of a PIII 500 128MB RAM.

Rules of Ages of Despair:

As with most muds, Ages of Despair has a set of rules that we ask our players to follow. These are some of the more important rules. It is still suggested that you read help rules once logged on to the mud. These rules cannot cover all of the guidelines, so use your common sense.

The laws on Ages of Despair must be upheld by players as well as wizards. As a player on AoD you are expected to know and follow these rules, and to look for updates. Ignorance to the law is not accepted as an excuse.


  • We have a zero tolerance for people that log on for the sole intent of being obnoxious and annoying other players, those that do this will be removed.
  • Obnoxious or offensive names are not appreciated here. If your name is found to be offensive your character might be removed or you will given the option to change it to something acceptable.
  • If you create a character with a name that someone can take offence to, there is a chance that your character will be removed. This also includes the naming of pet familiars, undeads, slaves, Etc. Offensive names consist of curse words, something that is racially or sexually discriminating, harassing, or misleading. Please be considerate of others when choosing a name. Law reserves the right to remove any character or familiar that has a name which is deemed offensive or inappropriate.

Character Use:

  • You are not to have multiple characters logged on at the same time. Being linkdead is considered logged on.
  • Your character is personal, and should not be shared with anyone else. Protect your password! If someone cracks it, you will still be held responsible for your characters actions.
  • The attacking and killing of other players is illegal unless you are a branded pkiller.


  • Maintain proper conduct. Don't do things that you would not do in everyday life. If you abide by the "treat others as you would wish to be treated" rule of thumb, you shouldn't have any problems.
  • Racism, sexism, and sexual harassment are not tolerated in any shape or form. One of the reasons people come to play on AoD is to escape real world pressures; these are not welcome here. Respect should be shown for your fellow players and immortals at all times. If another player asks you to leave them alone, you must respect their wishes. Harassment is not looked upon lightly.
  • Profanity or spamming is not appreciated on any of the public channels of the game or on public message boards. This includes "masking" the words by inserting, deleting or substituting characters, spaces, etc. We won't sack you for occasional mild cursing, but just please try to watch yourself. Abuse of channels will result in being banned from it.


  • Do not give out information about quests! It is illegal to give out 'ANY 'quest information to other people. This includes giving out items that would help a player solve a quest.
  • Running scripts through telnet, standard MUD clients or another source, commonly referred to as 'bots' is illegal. We realize there are clients out there that can practically play the game themselves. Don't use them here .
  • Bugs are mistakes in the code of the game. If you find a bug report it by using the 'bug' command or to the responsible wizard, if you know who it is. Using bugs for your own gain is very illegal.

All rules as put forth in this list should be followed in the spirit in which they were intended, that of fair play for all. Attempting to 'bend' or find loopholes in these rules is dishonest and is not acceptable. If you are doing something that might 'technically' be acceptable, but you know goes against the purpose of the rule, don't do it.

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