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The Center for Imaginary Environments
The Center for Imaginary Environments is a non-profit organization that exists to support reality modeling technology and multi-user environments. They have tons of resources and information. A truly excellent site for MU* coders.


The LPC-Language Mailing List
Another site by CIE. On this page you can sign up for the LPC mailing list.


LPC Documentation
This site provides various manuals on LPC programming from Profezzorn and Borg. An Excellent with everything from beginner docs to more advanced LPC.


This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions asked about LPMuds and the newsgroup devoted to them another cool site by George Reese.


LPMud Programmer's Page
Information about MUDs and MUD programming.


LPC Basics
A nice manual on LPC Written by Descartes of Borg.


Index of /ftp/pub/mud/LPC/
A cool collection of LPC information and files.



The FTP site for MUD resources! Your search for MUD codes, servers and text files ends here.


Coder's Guild
The Coder's Guild is an association of programmers of C, Pascal, Visual Basic, Java, Fortran, Cobol, Assembler, Eiffel, BASIC, Delphi, BETA, Lisp, Logo, Magma, ML, Perl, JavaScript, Prolog, Rexx, Python, Tcl, Z, Modula, Smalltalk or any other language.


The Castle Gate
This is an excellent resource for code sniplets, links, and other information. The site is high quality and worth checking out.


The Comment Project FTP Archives
A nice selection files you can ftp.


MUD Area Building Software And Links
Collection of MUD design information, including DIKU building, source code, graphical MUD links and advanced MUD topics.


A nice selection of LPC snipplets, general LPC information, and some fine examples from a wonderful mud.