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This is a shareware program is a 32-bit terminal emulator designed for Internet and intranet use with support for both the telnet and rlogin protocols. CRT includes a 30-day, try-before-you-buy, fully-functional evaluation license. CRT is extremely customizable and easy to use. Remote sites can be easily accessed by just entering a hostname.


The home site for Zmud client.


Mush Client
This is a shareware program designed to run on Windows95 or Windows NT. The home page includes links to download, feature lists and screen shots. MUSHclient seems to have a large number of features.


From what I hear, this is a very cool new mud client .  Portal provides aliases, macros, triggers, hp status window, an automated mapping system, integrated hyperlink support and much more.


TinyFugue is one of the most popular and powerful mud clients.


MCL - MUD Client for Linux
MCL is a small MUD client running under a Virtual Console in Linux. It uses direct VC access via the /dev/vcsa devices, spending very little CPU time.


The Mac OS MUDding Resource WWW Page
A site specifically dedicated to Internet MUD resources for the Mac OS. This page contains listings and descriptions of Mac OS-based MUD servers, clients, editors, etc. This page also contains some information about MUDs in general (not platform specific).


Spod! is to be a mud client which will hopefully put a new twist on an old theme, so to speak.


Tintin was developed for use on unix based systems to play diku muds (a specific code base) and is the fastest client available.


Mud Master
Mud Master is a 32bit mud client designed to run under Windows' console mode.


A modern MUD client for the Mac. This MUD client has a number of great features including color ANSI, multi-channel sessions, triggers, blocks and more.


Pueblo Multimedia Virtual World Client
With its release of the Pueblo multimedia MUD client, Chaco has made it possible for MUDs to create immersive virtual worlds, with sound, hypertext, 2D and 3D graphics.


Elf X Winsock 95
ELFx Winsock is an advanced, programmable, fast and user-friendly client for playing Muds. It features full-mouse support, sounds, logs, a scroll-buffer, full ANSI colour support, user-definable windows, encryption, wizards, support for multiple instances, and automatic TICK recognition for faster HP/MANA/MOV regain.


Simple MU
SimpleMU is a shareware Winsock-based client for use with TinyMUSH, TinyMUX and PennMUSH game servers.