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Mud Services
A very popular mud hosting company that is well known throughout the mu* world. They are located out of Bethlehem, PA.


The Mudzone
Mudzone is a site specifically set up for the designing, hosting and developing of Multi User Dungeons.


Planet Mud
Planet Mud is the Internet's best MU* resource site. Software, Hosting, FAQ's, mailing lists, links, etc..


The Mudgate is a division of AlphaTek Development, Inc. a well established Atlanta corporation. Our servers sit on dual T1s situated on multiple DS3s connected to 3 international backbones in the heart of downtown Atlanta.


Zen Online
Another nice site that offers MU* Hosting.


Humble Hosting Services
A place where you can run your server without having to pay for the expensive overhead of the features that you don't need.


Battle Groundz
A nice but small looking site that offers hosting services.


Online game hosting for MU*'s of all types.


A very cool, modern well designed site. Online chat, games, MUDs, entertainment. Internet services including PPP/SLIP, Usenet Newsgroups, IRC, WWW hosting & Website development.


A nice site that offers MUD hosting and shell accounts, they are based out of Atlanta, GA.


Internet Technologies of Savannah
Internet Technologies of Savannah (a subnet of Systems Connect) should be the first place on your mind for a very reliable Mud Hosting site due to multiple fast T-1 connections, powerful Pentium II servers, and dedicated Internet service staff.