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Erwin's MUD resources page
This is a very cool new site that I have found. It contains a lot of information about MERC muds and code sniplets. Erwin also has some very nice links to C+, CGI and other MUD-related resources.


Imaginary Realities
Imaginary Realities, where the world is never quite as you expected. Imaginary Realities is a new mud magazine designed for the general mudding populace.


The MUD-Dev Mailing List
The MUD Development mailing list is not platform, language or game specific, but concentrates on discussing the design and implementation of any and all MUD servers and systems.


The Mud Resource Collection
The MUD Resource Collection is a list of links to many useful sources of MUD information. The links should be of interest to both "normal" users of MUDs, as well as to researchers studying MUDs and related forms of computer-mediated communications.


The Gargantuan Mud Resource Site
A new site that has more information then I could possibly list here. The site is filled with various pages from coding info, clients, flames, sniplets, etc...


Lobbin's MUD page
This site contains many different coding sniplets and general Mu* info.


The Portal
The Portal is a collection of links to help administrators and players of muds today along in their quest for the perfect mud. The site is run by Julez and is actually one of the more enjoyable mu* sites out there. It contains many things to do, mud reviews, resources, etc. Make sure to sign her guestbook when you visit.


Mud Mates
This is a site like none other i've seen so far. It is an online dating registration/ search database for mudders looking for love partners (aka a mud match making service). To sign up appears to be free of charge.


The Journal of MUD Research
The Journal of MUD Research is a refereed electronic journal which publishes academic research that relates to MUDs or makes use of MUD environments.



The Mud Staff Resource Page
An excellent site for those looking a mud to code on, or for coders to hire for their mud. It has multiple sections to help the building process, as well as other parts of mud building.


The Mud Source
This site is currently being worked on, it looks like it will be a good source of Mu* info when it is finished.


The Muddex
This site has some nice essays and links to various resources.


The Mud Journal
The Mud Jornal is best known for it's large selection of MU* polls and various articles.