Ages of Despair Screenshots

Displayed here are various screen shots of combat, party system structure, skills and spells. Click on an image to have it open up in another window.

The use of proper equipment is very important when you go out exploring. Using the 'eq' command will display any worn, wielded or held items as shown here. Display of worn and wielded equipment
Display of trained skills Advancement on AoD is both level and skill based. Training skills is just as important as raising levels. You can see what skills you have with the 'skills' command.
Using the 'score' command you can see your character's statistical information, such as level, class, guild, money, experience and more. Display of score and statistics
An initiate mage saves a nearby farm An initiate mage casts magic missiles and hurls flaming arrows at a mangy kobold that has plagued a nearby farm.
Deathstalkr and Lalli battle one of the fearsome warriors of the Ravenfolk tribe. Deathstalkr and Lalli in combat with the Ravenfolk
Deathstalkr and Lalli in combat wtih a Hill Giant Deathstalkr and Lalli demolish one of the massive hill giants of Avalon.
One of the many great features that AoD offers is a unique ranked party system. Thanks to Deathstalkr and Lalli for this picture displaying their party status. Party status screen


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