Ages of Despair is a medieval fantasy environment. Thus, we request that the name you select be medieval fantasy based. If your name is viewed as inappropriate, you will be asked to create a new character.

Character names must be alphanumeric letters (a-z).
Character names cannot contain spaces, underscores, hypens, etc.
Character names cannot contain numbers.
Character names cannot be longer than 11 letters.

The following things are not allowed:

  • names that are offensive/discriminating/sexist
  • names that start with a title (lord/lady/sir etc)
  • names that contain the word god/goddess
  • names that mock players/wizards
  • names of rl people (for instance georgebush)
  • names that refer to nonfantasy stuff (like djdevil)
  • names that contain words like bear, baby, angel, death etc.

Characters created with names that are blatantly offensive, annoying or dopey will be removed without warning. Reimbursement requests will not be granted.

Once every month at least we have a clean up and we will remove these characters.