Races: Wood Elf

Race: Wood Elf

Description: Wood elves are the rustic cousins of high elves. They prefer to make their homes in deciduous forests where the autumn leaves match the auburn, gold, and brown hues of their hair. A wood elf regards the forest as a spiritual place, and much of their philosophy touches on the balance they observe in nature. Wood elves make excellent rangers and rogues, but they lack the resilience to fight effectively, and generally prefer to disappear into the forest, striking their enemy from afar. Wood elves are more tolerant than their high-elven cousins, and will often befriend members of other races, such as humans or halflings. Wood elves are pragmatic folk, and can learn new things moderately quickly.

Stat Maximums Racial Bonuses

Str: Below average

Special: Infravision

Dex: Good

Exp Rate: Bad

Con: Below average

Alignment: Good or Neutral

Int: Good

Race bonus: Archery Bonus

Wis: Good

Prohibitations: Cannot be a Warrior