Races: Orc

Race: Orc

Description: Orcs are the most prevalent of the blackfolk, due in large part to their rapid rates of reproduction. Orcs typically are found in clan units of from fifty to two hundred orcs. Larger communities of orcs are seldom seen unless a powerful overlord unites them. (Without such an overlord, the rival clans would very quickly begin to squabble, and chaos would result). Orcs stand about one and a half to two meters in height, and their noses resemble the snouts of swine. Orcs traditionally dress in garb that is black, rust, or ochre. Orcs are not particularly intelligent, but they do have an instinctive aptitude for fighting and thievery that makes them learn such skills very quickly.

Stat Maximums Racial Bonuses

Str: Good

Special: N/A

Dex: Above average

Exp Rate: Bad

Con: Good

Alignment: Evil only

Int: Below average

Race bonus: N/A

Wis: Below average

Prohibitations: N/A