Races: Ogre

Race: Ogre

Description: Ogres resemble giants in many ways, except the former have barrel-shaped chests, wider stances, and they have even more foul body odor (hard as it may be to believe). Ogres lack any sophistication whatsoever, and are the quintessential "big ugly brutes". Ogres make good warriors, where their superior resilience and great strength are an advantage. They are good at little else, though, and they lack any capacity for magic whatsoever. Ogres are somewhat naive, and will often lack confidence in their own decisions. Since these traits are desired in infantrymen, ogres have found a niche for themselves in armies whose lieutenants can stand their foul stenches. Ogres learn new things fairly slowly.

Stat Maximums Racial Bonuses

Str: Good

Special: N/A

Dex: Average

Exp Rate: Very bad

Con: Very good

Alignment: Neutral or Evil

Int: Below average

Race bonus: N/A

Wis: Below average

Prohibitations: N/A