Races: Lizardman

Race: Lizardman

Description: Lizardmen (or, the more politically correct, "Lizardbeings"), are humanoids resembling a cross between lizards and humans. Lizardmen appear somewhat clumsy, owing to their rather bulky bodies and the awkward jointing of their hip bones, which causes them to have to twist their torsos at the waist with every step. Despite this, lizardmen are surprisingly agile, and they make quite formidable hunters. Lizardmen have no nostrils on their scaly faces, but rather, much like a snake, a pair of infrared-sensing pits. Lizardmen are very resilient and are levelheaded in combat, making them accomplished warriors. Lizardmen tend to fight instinctively, so it takes them quite some time to learn new things.

Stat Maximums Racial Bonuses

Str: Good

Special: Infravision

Dex: Good

Exp Rate: Bad

Con: Good

Alignment: Neutral or Evil

Int: Average

Race bonus: lspit and ltail attack

Wis: Average

Prohibitations: N/A