Races: Kobold

Race: Kobold

Description: Kobolds are dog-people who stand just over one meter tall on average. Their bodies are covered with mangy fur of brown, black, or grey color. Kobolds have short ears on top of their head that can pivot in almost any direction, giving them excellent directional hearing sense. Kobold society is considered barbaric to many, with cannibalism and cruelty the norm. Kobolds rarely live past the age of thirty under the best of conditions, and the continual infighting and bickering among kobolds usually shortens this considerably. Kobolds reach adulthood quickly, after only three or four years. Kobolds are moderately intelligent, and have a knack for learning new things.

Stat Maximums Racial Bonuses

Str: Poor

Special: N/A

Dex: Poor

Exp Rate: Excellent

Con: Poor

Alignment: Any

Int: Poor

Race bonus: N/A

Wis: Poor

Prohibitations: N/A