Races: Hobbit

Race: Hobbit

Description: Shortfolk is a broad term which comprises halflings, hobbits, and kenders, three races of humanoids who have similar origins. Hobbits, of the shortfolk, are the least likely to be seen outside their comfortable hovels, preferring instead to tend to their gardens, smoke their fanciful pipes, and discuss matters of petty politics. Hobbits are more plump than halflings, though this doesn't stop them from being somewhat more agile. Hobbits who do find the gumption to explore the world often find that they have a knack for learning new things. Hobbits make excellent rogues, but inferior warriors, since they are often intimidated by foes larger than they.

Stat Maximums Racial Bonuses

Str: Average

Special: N/A

Dex: Very good

Exp Rate: Bad

Con: Average

Alignment: Good or Neutral

Int: Good

Race bonus: Steal Bonus

Wis: Average

Prohibitations: N/A