Races: High Elf

Race: High Elf

Description: High elves are delicate, graceful beings. They are slight in stature, standing somewhat shorter and less stocky than humans. Their hair takes on hues of amber, brown, blonde, and silver. High elves have enormous lifespans, and they tend to distrust any except for their own kind. Considered excessively haughty by most, high elves are actually quite amiable towards those few whom they deem worthy of their company. High elves have a passion for philosophy, and will sometimes continue a debate for decades, even centuries. High elves make brilliant spellcasters, however they are not especially good at anything else. Their pride prevents them from learning skills quickly.

Stat Maximums Racial Bonuses

Str: Below average

Special: Infravision

Dex: Above average

Exp Rate: Very bad

Con: Below average

Alignment: Good or Neutral

Int: Very good

Race bonus: Pick Pocket

Wis: Outstanding

Prohibitations: N/A