Races: Halfling

Race: Halfling

Description: Shortfolk is a broad term which comprises halflings, hobbits, and kenders, three races of humanoids who have similar origins. Of the three, halflings are the ones who most closely resemble humans, looking a bit like stocky human children. Halflings are a genial race who delight in practical jokes, especially when the butt of a joke is a human or elf. Halflings will often travel with bands of humans or elves, where they function as scouts. Their adventurous spirits and good humor make them excellent companions. Halflings are very agile, but not particularly strong. Halflings learn new things very quickly.

Stat Maximums Racial Bonuses

Str: Below average

Special: N/A

Dex: Good

Exp Rate: Good

Con: Average

Alignment: Good or Neutral

Int: Average

Race bonus: Pick Pocket

Wis: Average

Prohibitations: N/A