Races: Gargoyle

Race: Gargoyle

Description: Gargoyles are a race of sinister-looking, winged beasts with forked tails and sharp claws. It is unknown how long gargoyles have existed on earth, since they do not have a written language, per se, and they are very protective about their folklore. It is speculated in certain circles that the ancient race were formed by the drow mystic, Asadanril, to assist in a war long since forgotten. Whatever the motivation, gargoyles are silent, brooding folk with a deep-seeded malevolence that surfaces when they fight. Their unparalleled agility and great strength and resilience make them well suited for combat.

Stat Maximums Racial Bonuses

Str: Good

Special: Flight

Dex: Very good

Exp Rate: Very bad

Con: Very good

Alignment: Any

Int: Average

Race bonus: N/A

Wis: Average

Prohibitations: N/A