Races: Dwarf

Race: Dwarf

Description: Dwarves are short, foul tempered, greedy, smelly, bearded (even their women) humanoids. They live a long time, long enough to hold grudges against most anything else alive. However, dwarves are also exceedingly brave, and are generally the first to rally against the forces of Chaos. Dwarves make excellent warriors, where their stocky frames make them gritty opponents. Nowhere is a dwarf more intimidating than in the mines and underground corridors he calls home. Dwarves are moderately adept at learning new things.

Stat Maximums Racial Bonuses

Str: Good

Special: Infravision

Dex: Below Average

Exp Rate: Bad

Con: Above Average

Alignment: Good or Neutral

Int: Below Average

Race bonus: N/A

Wis: Above Average

Prohibitations: Cannot be a thief