Races: Dark Elf

Race: Dark Elf

Description: The dark elves, also know as drow are the dark-skinned, white-haired subterranean cousins of the elves of the sunlit world, whom they split off from many centuries ago to dwell underground. They are most commonly found allied with the Chaos, and they will rarely champion a cause that does not benefit them directly. As such they are disliked by most of the refined races, an antipathy they return in kind. Dark elves make good warriors and excellent thieves, but their real forte is magic, particularly dark magic.

Stat Maximums Racial Bonuses

Str: Below Average

Special: Infravision

Dex: Good

Exp Rate: Very Bad

Con: Below Average

Alignment: Neutral of Evil

Int: Very good

Race bonus: Faerie Fire

Wis: Good

Prohibitations: N/A