AoD Swedish Mud Party Log 2004-06-12

Page 1:

16:45 All four (all the four are Ave, Gemini, Soulfly, and Tithian) are gathered at Ave's place and leave to drink some beer in the nice weather outside. //Soulfly
16:59 All four have been seated in the park having a Carlsberg HOF, but Gemini he is not drinking anything yet... //Soulfly
17:02 I cannot see any girls in the park...and no punks, begging for our beer. It's warm and hot and I feel relaxed. //Tithian the Great (see first 2 pics)
17:21 Soulfly is starting to check out the 14 year old girls //Ave
17:22 Maybe he was helping out Gemini
17:26 Ave went for matches, and soda for me //Gemini
18:08 The party are leaving the park and to the casino
18:25 Casino, Ave's house, whatever, Actually Soulfly needed a T-Shirt. We will get there eventually....Maybe //Gemini
18:35 Tithian brings out his ukulele, a large pile of papers and says: "Just a second, I know how to tune this...just let me think a bit....something must be wrong." //Ave
18:37 Something is still wrong. Perhaps its the fact a grown man in Sweden playing the ukelele //Gemini
18:43 Okay...Now I know says Tithian: Its the other way around....this is the A! Now let me think...ok...this is how it's done //Ave
18:50 We have music! //Ave
19:11 Well, i have been playing the ukelele for 20 minutes, cause Tithian was in the shower. I'm not sure if I regret it or not. //Gemini
19:45 Entering the billiard place after visiting a crapy place where the staff had dinner. We are playing pool right now. I will win! //Soulfly
20:11 Soulfly & Ave win the first game of 8-ball //Soulfly
20:21 Gemini & Tithian won!
20:23 OMG! Tithian almost killed Gemini when trying to break, the white ball almost broke Gemini's ribs!

Page 2:

20:48 Soulfly & Ave won whee //Soulfly
21:02 Tithian and Ave are talking swedish, and my mom just called, Don't know where Soulfly is. //Gemini
21:23 The party has arrived in a restaurant called 2 rooms and a kitchen, Soulfly want a bloody ox filet //Soulfly
21:24 There are many raggers in town and more people than zero right now. //Tithian
21:30 Tithian the Great ordered coke without ice, like everybody else, only to realize later that Ave ordered a beer, which Tithian also wanted //Tithian
21:31 Tithian & G ordered leafbeef. //Tithian
22:09 Ave found a new favorite restaurant. Gemini wishes they had this meat in the US. Soulfly & Tithian & G got really stuffed. //Tithian
22:49 More clothes, back downtown, sitting in the town square waiting for the chicks to arrive...gonna try to get Gemini with us inside the casino soon though I'm pretty sure there is a high chance of failure. //Ave
23:15 Ave is "fixing" Gemini inside the pub, since Gemini is underaged!
23:52 Tithian lost 40 swedish crowns at blackjack!
23:54 Gemini is jealous because he can't play roullette. Future gambling addict is he. //Gemini
00:12 Sitting at the "casino" cosmopol, after a short talk with the guard and owner we're all in. ;) Us and the rest, who are all chicks....getting HOT on the dancefloor... //Ave
00:15 Tithian had a good look of the chics on the dance floor & in the bar. //Soulfly
00:17 DAMMIT! They are way too sexy! //Tithian
00:18 How I like chickies! //Tithian

//Log loses all formatting as they get too drunk, following is incoherent ramblings:
Page 3:

  Those chickies should buy Tithian the Great a big drink
  ...and Soulfly too
  ...Don't forget Ave!
  ...and then the chics should give up their TA to soulfly!
  ...But first buy Gemini some colas
  ...& show Tithian t. G. breasts, loads of breasts.
  ...I second that
  ...We want chickies!
  ...girls = flickor
  Damn, they are all getting really hot for us!
  [bs]: Tithian: why are all the chickies not naked yet and in my bed?
  Gemini shouts: The chickies love trolls! TROLL POWER!!
  Gemini has been BURNINATED
  [sales]: Tithian: WTB: chickies
  [sales]: Gemini: WTS: Tit-jan, 1 coin

//End horny ramblings

Page 4:

00:18 the era of the next page has begun! //Soulfly
00:21 The bouncer has been checking in with the bartender and people at the blackjack & roulette tables to make sure Gemini hasn't been drinking and gambling. Damn there are some hot chickies!! //Gemini
00:23 So many hot chickies, I'm getting all excited and stuff, I think I have to slow down a little //Tithian
00:24 I got the best place and Ave! //Tithian (they went away just as I wrote it)
00:25 Gemini is calling MOM!
00:26 Soulfly believes they are playing DJ ÖTZI
00:27 Soulfly noticed a really TA from the Middle East.
00:30 Ave's breath reaks of beer, but there is alot of sweet T+A around //Gemini
00:40 Soulfly: "You drink too fast!"
Ave: "Isn't that the point?"
00:57 The music is utter crap - though we'll survive because of the "chickies" -
Tithian's expression....which is a good one... //Ave
00:59 This drink Ave is feeding to Gemini (Ave's comment: It's NON alcoholic!) is alot like an Irish Snakebite, but with no lager //Gemini
  (Ave's editing comments: As Soulfly's rl military buddy shows up (nobody has a clue why the hell he is here!) he writes down his telephone number on the paper with our log! Stripped from here, but still available on the scan if you want to call him. )
01:07 Ave and Tithian can NOT dance! It hurts to watch! //Gemini
01:29 Soulfly and Gemini did not even try! //Tithian
01:29 They (Ave and Gemini) went playing blackjack instead.... //Tithian

Page 5:

01:45 Gemini was just violated by a drunk swedish guy but decided to talk to him //Gemini
01:47 Same thing again, same guy too
02:00 The casino is closing! //Soulfly
02:30 Gemini got lost in huge Skövde & Ave went off the bus to help find!
02:35 Some lowlife punks got in a fight with an old level so the bus got delayed
02:37 the lowlife produces more low level comments
02:40 The fight continues, the old lady calls the low levels mothers "bitch mothers".
02:42 the anger is growing...there is a shout ?????.

the dialog goes like this

"shut up"
"shut up yourself"
"shut up"
"shut up yourself"
"shut up"
"shut up yourself"

02:50 since 2 lowlevels left the bus the fights ebbed out
03:14 Finally we are in the mud! Chatting Maegen and Zoso (Ave's editing comment: We were actually talking to Maegen and Fille... not Zoso! Separate log will follow)
04:50 We just sent Tithian off in a cab to the city and my (Ave's) flat to sleep...Me and Soulfly are saying goodnight too now....its been a good day!!! //Ave

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