Guilds: Death Knight

General Information:
Death Knights are mighty warriors who have betrayed the Knights' code of honor and thus decided to follow the path of darkness. Some claim that the master Death Knights are ancient Knights, forced to eternal undead life by the gods as a punishment for betraying their own kind. Death Knights learn the most efficient combat techniques, and due to their natural thirst for blood, an experienced Death Knight is an extremely dangerous opponent. Carrying an ancient hatred towards all that is good and pure, Death Knights also learn some abilities that are extra effective for fighting against good aligned opponents.
Famous Powers:
Death Blades, Death Spell, Assault
Guild Prerequisites:
Character needs to be a warrior.
Character needs to be a member of an evil race.
Character may not be a paladin, healer, cleric or druid.
Restricted dual classing with Woodland and Necromancer.
Guild Master(s):